Accenture Employees Volunteer at ETASHA Centre


By Sanchari & Umesh

A good cause is lucrative and meaningful in so many ways. Therefore, we, volunteers from Accenture, are striving to do something rewarding here at ETASHA – easing the workload of the dedicated faculty by helping the trainees enhance basic skills in math, computers and spoken English

On our first visit at ETASHA’s Career Development Centre in Tigri (south Delhi), the enthusiasm of the trainees overwhelmed us. Many of us don’t respect the things that come easily to us, but this didn’t apply to them. We couldn’t help but admire their determination to step ahead in life and face any challenge that life presents them, with a smile and confidence.

We’d like to mention one particular boy in class 12th enrolled in the MUPSE batch at ETASHA. Fear, it seemed was something not in his dictionary. He showed no signs of hesitation to sing in front of 30 people – fellow trainees, volunteers, and teachers – or in surmounting the English language barrier. He knew the Indian history and the richness of the Indian culture better than most of us! He showed intellectual prowess and innate thoughtfulness, which is not very common in children of his age. Needless to say, we were left captivated by him! This one boy taught us so many things in a day. Such are the trainees at ETASHA. And it was very motivating to see how they are encouraged every day to be stronger and to strengthen their will power.

A trainee singing during a conversation class at ETASHA’s Career Development Centre in Tigri.

All of them were unique individuals in their own right.  Despite a lack of confidence in spoken English, some students were very confident about themselves and their skills. Fascinatingly, vice-versa seemed to exist as well! With these being the least of the peculiarities we observed in just two days, we aim to observe every trainee as well as the educational process at ETASHA.

Observing is one thing, but teaching is a whole new game. We believe we were able to understand the school and the college students as it hasn’t been long since we crossed that juncture of our lives. And now stepping into the teachers’ shoes is symbiotic as it’s not only the trainees who learn something from us, but even we learn how to read and teach them. In order to do that, we also need to know what are the characteristics or skills that need to be inculcated in them.

The pre-requisite for being a teacher is to understand the group of trainees, to understand their strong and weak points. As we ourselves are in the nascent teaching phase, we also face a lot of challenges while trying to reach out to them individually, especially because in every group there will be some students with brilliant processing rate and confidence levels, and some with either or neither of the two qualities. We observed this in the CS&IT 5 batch as well. This batch proved to be an interesting, but difficult group to teach.  So, in order to alleviate this problem, we plan to take session with a mixed batch of trainees that will help us to give much more to them.

A good set of skills coupled with high self-confidence and a strong foundation helps one to jump ahead of the queue. We need to teach them to reassert themselves and impart things in them that will set them apart from rest of the crowd.

Therefore, as volunteers from Accenture we aim to do exactly this, and we aspire to do more and give more to these exceptional trainees on our every visit to ETASHA.

About the authors – Sanchi and Umesh are employees at Accenture, and volunteer at ETASHA on Saturdays.

Accenture employees are currently supporting “Project Udaan 2014-15” that aims to provide vocational training and employability skills training to 250 youth and place them into entry level jobs in the organized sector at Rs. 6,500 and above.

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