A Day in ETASHA’s Classroom

Riya Vij

By Riya Vij

Today’s sessions were both fun and informative. It was a whole new experience for me. I felt like I was among the trainees. I had expected that as a silent observer, it might not be too exciting, but I was mistaken. It was a very exciting day.

As we started, I saw around eight eager faces of varying ages, waiting for the class to begin. As soon as a facilitator entered the class, everyone stood up to wish her. Although most of the trainees seemed very happy and excited for the class, there were some sleepy faces as well. To get everybody into an active thinking mode, the facilitator asked the trainees to write down the names of the companies they knew. I too made a mental list of the companies I knew.

As the class proceeded, I saw an interactive teaching taking place. There were no long lectures or boring conversations. It was more of an activity. Everyone was supposed to take part and everyone, eventually did. All the sleepy faces now seemed to be up and about.

The trainees were divided into groups and were told to write down whatever they knew about the different departments of a company. Some wondered,  others brainstormed. Some were busy copying from others, and others, hiding. But getting the answers seemed to be the be-all and end-all of their lives at that point.

The environment in class was fun-filled and it seemed as if I was sitting with my own friends. All the students were very warm and welcoming.

Another thing that I noticed and really appreciated was how the facilitator kept asking them why it was important to know what she was telling them. She wanted them to understand why they were being taught, what they were being taught, and how it was useful for them.

By the end of the class, everyone got their doubts cleared and then each trainee was asked to sum up the sessions. Once that was done, we all ended with a delightfully motivating song -“Tu Zinda Hai”.

During the half an hour break between sessions, I got to interact with the trainees and got to know so much about their lives. With each session, I felt more and more connected to the trainees. The journey went from seeing all these new faces as outsiders to being a part of them.

About the author – Riya Vij is a student in New Delhi, and volunteers at ETASHA Society.