Sometimes I Try

Ishita: She loves the camera!
Ishita: She loves the camera!

Meet Ishita Vasishth, Our Volunteer Photographer!
In a world increasingly reliant on technology, events and ceremonies can be shared with people thousands of miles away. For this to happen, however, there must be a medium of exchange readily available. Since she began volunteering with us in December of 2013, Ishita has been a huge help in photographing, videotaping, and visually documenting various facets of ETASHA’s work.

Whether in the community or in our centers, Ishita always brings an enthusiastic attitude and her trusted Canon camera!
Currently a student pursuing BCOM honors at Delhi University, Ishita finds time in her busy schedule to volunteer with us whenever she can. In addition to taking pictures, she also occasionally conducts interviews and contributes to our blog. For the most part, her pictures are used to keep our Facebook page up to date with our most recent classes and daily happenings at centers. “My favorite part about what I do at ETASHA is that I get to go out into the community and take pictures, which is what I love to do, and I usually see those pictures up on Facebook. It’s an all-around fulfilling experience,” Ishita notes.

Still, her work isn’t all easy. As she explains, “The hardest part, for me, is managing all of the traveling around that is required. I love taking pictures, but I’m not much of a travel person. But the best pictures come in areas which require me to travel, so it’s worth it!
Even though she isn’t a full-time employee, Ishita still feels like part of the family, and the reason can be attributed to our amicable work culture!

I don’t feel like I’m any different from any of the other faculty,” she told me. “Even though I’m only a volunteer and I’m a lot younger than most of the people that work here, nobody looks at me as a lesser employee. I’m treated like an equal by everyone.

Even though she’s not as young as me (a fact she never lets me forget), Ishita is still a kid to most of the faculty, but is treated like an adult. While she may be a volunteer, the pictures she has taken of our classes look professional!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, Ishita’s has made innumerable written contributions to ETASHA; we can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future!

You can see lots of Ishita’s work on her Facebook page Sometimes I Try here .
Abhishek Bhargava

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  1. Very well written Abhishek!!!

    If Ishita doesn’t read this……then maybe I will say nice things about her and will agree that she IS good at her work….I loved every picture she took except for mine (she insists on clicking me)…..she is a bubble of energy and fun!!! So glad she volunteered with us!!! lots of love and luck to her

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