Month: August 2014

Settling In and Setting down

“Moments. All gathering towards this one.” – Jenny Downham   Most of  the people at my home would not believe it, but even here life starts to be normal. You can, of course, forever remain as a traveller or on the other hand become a copy of something you’re not. But I find something truly …

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Ekta: Balancing Work with Home

The work done by ETASHA can be best judged by the results that they have to offer. One of their results has been Ekta. When one looks at business reports, they are concerned only with the bottom line of profits and why should an NGO be any different. Exploring the results of ETASHA, here is …

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Sometimes I Try

Meet Ishita Vasishth, Our Volunteer Photographer! In a world increasingly reliant on technology, events and ceremonies can be shared with people thousands of miles away. For this to happen, however, there must be a medium of exchange readily available. Since she began volunteering with us in December of 2013, Ishita has been a huge help …

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