Month: February 2013

Can I speak English???

“But Sir, what should we do after class????…here we can talk to our teachers and students but once we are outside, there is no one with whom we can talk. We don’t live together, so we can talk to each other only when we are in class.” Then I gave them the Idea of texting …

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Once Upon A Time…..

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She was 18 years of age and was studying in college. Every day on her way back from college she saw an old blind man crossing the road and she often wondered how he could manoeuvre himself around the place with nothing but a stick for aid. …

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Kalpana – Sense and Simplicity

As I waited on the second floor of the training block of the Jijabai ITI, I kept wondering, “How would things go? Would I be able to do this properly?” And just that very moment echoes of “We shall overcome” reached my ears. Yes, it was being sung by the girls of ITI enrolled with …

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