Putting it into Practice….Developing Social Confidence…


Ritu Choudhary

I have recently joined ETASHA as a volunteer and have had a wonderful time with kids at their Madanpur Khader centre. This week I was looking forward to spending some interesting moments with them. When I reached the centre, Arjumand, the centre Incharge told me that she was going to take the ITI girls for an outing and would I like to accompany them? I jumped at the chance!


ITI Siri Fort is a vocational training partner for ETASHA. ETASHA’s EECS program at ITI Siri Fort focuses on  spoken English and reading skills, confidence in communication, and interview skills through extensive intrapersonal and interpersonal exercises to build the self-confidence of each girl student.

We started from Madanpur Khader to Green Park metro station where all the girls were asked to assemble. We had reached slightly early, as soon as the girls in groups started trickling in they were all bubbling with joy, with big smiles on their faces and dressed in their best of clothes. They were looking forward to their outing….


These girl were all students of the ITI Beautician course and on the threshold of starting their careers. Though ITI has imparted vocational training to them,  help to face the outside world and to be self reliant, ETASHA has stepped in to develop their communication skills for employability.


This outing was aimed at teaching the girls how to be self dependent and to raise their confidence level by exposing them to organizational set–up in the service industry. To achieve this a very interesting program outline has been designed by ETASHA.


At Connaught Place

The girls from this segment normally live a very protective life so many of them had not previously travelled by metro. The first level of the program was to make them familiar with the metro and help them discover the services provided so that once they step out to work they can travel confidently. They discovered step by step how to buy tickets, board the correct train and how to get down at the desired station. It was refreshing to see the apprehension and nervous giggles of the girls as some of them were doing it for the first time; I could feel the excitement all around me!!


Once we reached Connaught Place, our destination for the day the girls were given very interesting tasks: to locate and visit assigned service organizations for gathering information required for making a decision. They were asked to go to various banks to gather information about opening a bank account, educational loans, contact travel agents to gather information about hotel bookings etc. and relevant information from courier companies, hospitality outlets, automobile showrooms etc.


Now was the time to put into practice what they had learnt in their ETASHA classes – speaking in English and demonstrating their confidence in meeting people. All the girls were very apprehensive, considering the background they were coming from these tasks were enormous. After an hour they were back from their assigned tasks excited, chattering and brimming with confidence of a job well done.


I spoke to some of the girls; Kriti, Bharti, Asha to name a few, to check out their experience. They all said that they were very nervous initially as they were doing it for the first time but also that they felt confident that whatever they had learnt would help them to go through it. They said that the practical way in which English was taught in ETASHA’s classes was very different. It was taught with lot of patience, simplicity and in a methodical manner which helped them to speak in English confidently in public as well as building up their self confidence.


Posing at the Metro

So an enjoyable day came to an end, it was as much a learning experience for me as for them. Self confidence, self reliance and good communication skills are most important to stand up in today’s world…

Ritu Choudhary